Ginocchiere Queen - Black Fire

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Super adaptable, customizable, appealing design - Black Fire Knee Pads by Queen Pole Wear

  •     GRIP silicone coatings provide strong and secure grip on the pole surface;
  •     The QUEEN 3SideProtect Technology provides full support and protection of the knee from all sides;
  •     The pads can be easily replaced or switched out to allow you to create the ideal knee pads thickness for your dance style
  •     Make sure the sizing is right and the fit is snug
  •     Adaptive knee-caps adapt to the shape of your knee over time for optimal comfort
  •     Smooth – give a possibility to slide easily on the dance floor;
  •     Vent on the inner side of the knee pad to allow release of moisture and heat
  •     GRIP coating will not lose grip, does not crack or break down over time
  •     High quality threading and reinforced sewing for a high quality product


FABRIC     hypoallergenic, soft and durable jersey: polyamide 80% elastane 20%

HEIGHT IN FRONT  21 cm/8,3 inch

HEIGHT IN REAR     16 cm/6,3 inch (+ -5 mm/0,2 inch)

INNER PROTECTIVE PADS      100% soft polyethylene foam material

MADE IN Ukraine

CARE Washing machine is allowed at a temperature of 30 deg C

SUITABLE FOR  Pole dance; Choreography; Strip dance; Stretching; Twerk dance; Yoga; Indoor sports; Beginners and professionals; For training and performance.

OPTIONAL Garter belt with grip (Sweet Black Grip) or without grip (Black Shine) with straps that are adjustable in length and width, providing a perfect fit
**The garter belt is not included in this product and needs to be purchased separately**


How to wear Grip knee pads Queen Wear for the first time:
The knee pads should be a little tight at first. But after 1-2 workouts the fabric will stretch, the cup will take the shape of the knee and the knee pads will sit well.



Sizing Chart

Queen Knee Pads Size Chart


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Le ginocchiere che ho preso (ben 15 paia) non sono comode, sono troppo spesse e rendono difficili i movimenti!!!

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