Lupit Pole Stage

Lupit Pole Stage

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Integrated Lupit Pole Quick Lock™ a unique fast locking system, which enables a performer to change from spin to static in less than a second. No hex keys, no screws, just the simple twist of the locking ring on the lower bearing system. The performer can change the mode in the middle of a performance.

LUPIT POLE STAGE is portable free standing pole that can be assembled in just a few minutes, giving you the opportunity to use the stage wherever, indoors or outdoors. It comes in two variations: short legs and long legs. The short legs option allows the use in less space and gives a complete comfort to a dancer performing medium stability demanding elements. The long legs option is designed to withstand more stability demanding elements.


  •     Lupit Pole Quick Lock™: Spin/static mode change in less than a second
  •     Excellent spin (using automotive and aerospace engineering)
  •     The pole is made of two equal pieces using HQ Lupit Joints
  •     Very stable and rigid construction
  •     Easy to assemble in 3-5 minutes
  •     State of the art design, nice and smooth shapes
  •     On the top of the pole is an optional ring for attachment of aerial silks

Technical specifications

  •     Height =2905 mm
  •     Usable height (from podium to the top)=2810 mm
  •     Diameter of the podium=1600 mm
  •     Minimum space requirements and product net weight, diameter:
    • Short Legs - 1800mm , 65kg
    • Long Legs - 2500mm , 68kg
        Hint: If needed the legs can be ordered separately. This way you can switch between long and short legs.
  •     Pole diameter = 45 mm
  •     Pole material: The Lupit Pole Stage comes in the following options, mirror polished stainless steel, chrome or black powder-coating
  •     Podium:
    •     3 glossy hard laminated plastic sheets
    •     3 matte hard laminated plastic sheets
Shortened by optional "extension"
Exact pole height from floor
None 2905mm
1m 2400mm
75cm 2150mm
50cm 1900mm


Stability measurement

  • Short legs option can ensure stability of the stage when 70 kg dancer spins with 0,81 revolutions (turns) per second1,7 meters high on the pole.
  • Long legs option can ensure stability of the stage when 70 kg dancer spins with 1,02 revolutions (turns) per second 1,7 meters high on the pole.

Carry bags

Note: The bags are not included in the standard set. Please select the "carry bags needed" option if the carry bags are required.

  • Perfect for storing all the parts safely when the LUPIT POLE STAGE is not in use.
  • Ergonomically designed with wheels for easy transportation of the LUPIT POLE STAGE.
  • Good looking, professionally made with high quality materials.
  • Made in EU.


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