X-Stage Lite with Silicone Pole

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45mm - 1.75"
45mm - 1.75"

Total height:

3m high - Standard
2.5m high - incl. 1m extension
2.25m high - incl. 75cm extension
2m high - incl. 50cm extension
3m high - Standard
2.5m high - incl. 1m extension
2.25m high - incl. 75cm extension
2m high - incl. 50cm extension

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The X-Stage Lite with silicone pole is a freestanding portable dance pole with silicone coating. This product is suitable for outdoor performances and is the most versatile of all dance poles. It can be assembled in a few minutes, and either be used as a spinning or static pole. The dance stage, on which the X-Stage stands, is circular, 1.6 m in diameter and has no sharp edges or corners. The pole itself is 3m tall. The X-Stage Lite set includes carry bags for comfortable transportation. The X-Stage Lite meets the highest standards for use in clubs, fitness centers, fairs, shows and is the most technologically advanced pole currently available in the market.

Interesting fact: This pole was used by Jennifer Lopez in the 2020 Superbowl Halftime Show.

X-Stage Lite Features

  • spinning and static pole - easy to switch
  • 1.60 m (5'3 ") circular stage floor - an ideal dance floor
  • Rounded edges – safe for the dancer
  • Stability - Extremely stable, almost every move can be made ​​without needing extra weight
  • Extension stabilizer (included) - improve the stability without additional weights
  • Weight holder - allows optional weights to be attached
  • Adjustable feet - to minimize the movement of the pole on uneven ground
  • silicone pads under the feet - to prevent slipping on smooth floors, and damaging or scratching the floor
  • Fully foldable - frame fits into the bag on wheels included
  • Easy assembly - 6 floor panels are easy to install, no tools required
  • pole easily separated into two pieces for transportation
  • Carry cases with wheels - for easy transportation

New NST04LT Version offers:

  • ‘Quick-Set’ stabilising feet
  • Re-designed roller carry case

Specifications X-Stage Lite
Pole diameter      45/50mm
Stage diameter    1.6m (5' 3")
Overall height       3m (10') - 3.2m height clearance required
Stage height         110mm (12.5')
Useable pole        2.89m (8' 10")

Weight (approx.)

X STAGE Lite complete 70kg
Main frame           20kg
Stage panels         40kg
Pole tubes            10kg

Can I use the X-Stage Lite with a ceiling lower than 3.2 meters?
Yes, the X-Stage Lite consists of 2 parts, each 1.5m long. The upper part can be replaced by a normal extension (New Style 2014). For instance, if your ceiling is 2.55m high, you can assemble the X-Stage Lite with a 1 meter extension with the bottom part to reach 2.5m.
1.5m + 1m = 2.5m height

How much space do I need from the X-Stage Lite to the ceiling to be able to set up the pole?
About 3cm of space is required above the X-Stage Lite to set up the pole. If there is little space to the ceiling, you can set up the stage as follows: First, you do not build the entire stage, but only a semicircle (3 base plates). Now you can tilt the stage on the straight edge thus created and insert the pole into the bearing of the stage. Then you put the pole upright again and you can set up the other half of the stage.

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